Charity Arndt — Watch out for this UGLY Trash bag

Charity Arndt — Watch out for this UGLY Trash bag

THE DIRTY ARMY: This ugly AF, trashbag is Charity Arndt. This fat slore sends pictures of her ugly, fat body to anyone who asks. When she isn’t busy making donuts at the local T.H or cleaning hotel rooms, she can be found sexting married men with pictures of her CeeUNextTuesday. Guess she can’t find anyone of her own. Yep, she is one SPECIAL kind of f**ked up. Not only does she reproduce like a fuking bunny-she can’t keep her legs closed or her tits in her shirt. She is as ugly as they come – looks like she has been hit on the face with shovel. And no, the bangs do NOT make you look any better! You still ugly AF! Her last kid isn’t no prize either….barely graduated high school and brags about how big her tits are and how much dope she smokes. Good luck to any guy that finds his way into that family.

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  1. Wf whatevezDecember 5, 2018 at 3:31 PM

    Nope shes ugly.

  2. Only med hatNovember 28, 2018 at 10:00 PM

    She is a great person by the sounds of it you are jealous of her!! Why is your married man sexting her in first place?!? LoL She raised her 4 children now young adults with careers not there heads stuck in a bag drugs. She works very hard always a happy person you on the other hand sound like a miserable bitch if all you can do is cut her down like that…her bangs..Really!! Thats a joke!
    So anyone that does know her Im sure will agree with me!
    You Should Grow Up!!!