Debbie Holick — Fat, Dirty Sloot

Debbie Holick — Fat, Dirty Sloot

THE DIRTY ARMY: This fat pig here is the most vial, disgusting sloot I’ve ever met. She’s constantly fired from her jobs for stealing money and fraud. She has two daughters who don’t even have their own beds to sleep on any more, they had to throw them out because Debbie kept telling them how she f***** college students on their beds (Debbie is 45) go to your local slum pub and you’ll see her getting s*** Faced while her kids are at home starving with no food. She’s such a scammer that her family hates her and won’t help her anymore as she has ruined all there s***, stole from her own parents. She constantly is moving because she can’t afford her rent with her alcohol addiction and supports her daughters meth addiction (does not care she’s using meth, nor does she seek any help for her.) She and her kids moved in with a friend because she hadn’t payed her utilities all winter so her kids were at home freezing! 3000 utility bill and she wouldn’t help pay for any food or groceries at the friends house and brought ugly, gross men home to f*** in this nice woman’s home who was doing all she could to help her, stuck her cats into this ladies house and let them pee and s*** all over everything! Not to mention the DRD she has and WONT deal with, this sloot spreads it around the Hat like a wildfire. This is the definition of fat, old pig!

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  1. dave raveOctober 22, 2018 at 9:34 AM

    hole lick lol her name suits her lol
    but i would not want to lick that hole……. gross