Fontana docken part two

Fontana docken part two

THE DIRTY ARMY: After the first post I felt it was needed to post a second installment, where to start? Ok now the truth is out about the full blown sloot the fine details can now be explained, 1st March was the day she “committed herself” to one man yet from the get go she proceeded to message other guys to arrange meets, tell her “partner” she was tired from work and sleeping. This girl just loves the c0ck she can’t get enough of it, moved on to someone else within 1 week of what she says “having a miscarriage” yet laughs about losing the baby with him! Doesn’t sound like someone who’s just recently unwillingly lost a baby does it? Proof below!
She’s going around telling people she never wanted to be with her now ex partner and he abused her to stay in a relationship, she said she was trying to get rid of him for months hence messaging other guys, while this was happening she proceeded to tell this guy she wanted a family with him was in love with him and even went in on a house with him … him paying for it all. What ever you hear from this c0ck hungry slore don’t believe it, she will manipulate you like she has so many so far and if you have slept with her between March and September more than welcome to come say your piece. Might want to get checked out tho. Messages to the 53 year old married man from the golf course on also

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  1. Truth hurtsNovember 7, 2018 at 9:29 AM

    I seen the first post on this site about this “girl” no respectful woman would laugh at losing a child and all I can say is what a reputation she will soon have to all her friends and family, everything I read about her is disgusting. just think about the man u done all this to promised a family and took it out from under him heartless! your a spiteful and very vindictive in what you have done here. Karma will always come back around remember that yea

  2. AngelaNovember 5, 2018 at 12:31 PM

    It’s amazing the sour grapes this loser has to be able to spread these kind of lies about someone he claimed to once love. Seriously dude, check yourself into the loony bin and get the help you need! At the end of the day she’s here living her best life without you…. while you are stuck there reliving sad old issues over and over. Loser.

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