Klayton Smyke — Alcoholic Woman Beater

Klayton Smyke — Alcoholic Woman Beater

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet the woman beating, cream of the crop. His name is Klayton Smyke. What a fuking winner I tell ya. He’s supposed to be some great roofer, but really he’s an alcoholic, a woman beater, and rapist, who is looking at some serious jail time because of it. I can’t stress enough the damage he had done to one of my good friends, and her 3 young children. He would beat on her in front of the kids, the youngest developing PTSD at the age of 3. Thank fuk he doesn’t have any of his own kids, cause they would be fuked up. He has at least 30 beer in one night, and doesn’t show up to his job before 10am, and he’s still drunk when he finally does show up. Last year he home invaded his ex girlfriends place, attacked her, choked her to the point where she passed out, and woke up tied up with him on top of her, raping her. Thank fuk that she was in an apartment and her neighbors heard her screams, and called 911, the cops busted in on him in the act. And to top it off? He was drunk, and when asked how he got there? He admitted he drove there!!!!! And now had the audacity to plead not guilty, so she has to be put thru a whole trial, which will traumatize her more. Females, stay away from this drunken, woman beating, rapist.


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  1. doesn't matterOctober 20, 2018 at 9:23 PM

    non of this is true!!!!! I’ve known him all my life this ex of his is crazy and makes everything up!! every boyfriend she has ever had has supposedly beet or rapped her!! troll on!!