Lynne Marshalsay — yo chicken listen up.

Lynne Marshalsay — yo chicken listen up.

THE DIRTY ARMY: this delusional fuk right here Lynne Marshalsay AKA Megan who is constantly referring to herself in the third person because she’s got no go. is a POS goof who knows she ain’t worthy of nothing, continued spiking meth and gobbling down pills even after her boyfriend offed himself, because his life with her was sh1t. obviously making horrible decisions she hooks up with some cheap-a55 breed whom even he cheats on her, steals from her, gives her child GHB and lies to her continually. this broken, unlovable, lesbo in her braino, piece of trash and when I say unlovable I mean loved by no one. not Brad. not Keith. not her family. and understandably not her neglected and abused children. is still stressing over who Brad’s with and whether or not he’ll be coming back to her maybe if this Lynne chic didn’t worry herself so much with drama she could keep a man and he wouldn’t continue to run off and slore around. probably just can’t stand being near you, I assume all you do is hit the pipe and write a bunch of sh1t on here and social media calling people home wreckers, sloots and drug dealers basically crying out for any kind of attention because and I quote “things are starting to fall apart and you’re feeling suicidal” well Lynne you couldn’t even do that right. so, retard next time you munch back a handful of pills do me a favor..walk to the nearest bridge and do a flip faggot. Listen to me Lynne, are you listening? I could give a rat’s a55 about your sh1ty fuking life but you need to know who you’re trying to fuk with because you silly girl have no clue.

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  1. LynneNovember 30, 2018 at 6:17 AM

    Oh lord and the exact same write up yet again clearly you ladies are to stupid to each make up your own posts. Meghan’s write ups were on point given I helped her. Now on the other post I said I will laugh and continue to laugh as with this one. I won’t defend myself but I will add in a few points.
    1. Misty the methhead lost her kids 9 years ago PGO and back then well you all can fill in the blank
    2. Candace hobson lost her kid when he was two years old wandering the street because she was to drunk to look after him. PGO her sister had to fight to get him back at 16 years old.
    3. My kids are far from neglected I haven’t lost them.
    4. Keith did not commit suicide

    So those are the only 3 points that should and are even worth be noted.

    The rest is such a joke I will laugh at it all.