Nickoke Jones the tranny

Nickoke Jones the tranny

THE DIRTY ARMY:  I get it’s 2018 and trannies are accepted these days but get a look at this one.. “she” is more than willing to do anyone and anything as long as you have some sort of cash or compensation for it. Maybe even a car for her to sell.. Hahaha ? Shes always out looking for a new hookup and some new dipshit to take money from. Always “opening her business” which is clearly. Code for opening her legs, to whatever strolls in. Careful as she has been tested and treated for some things that she says has gone away but when you can smell her stench you know they aren’t clean. Don’t waste your time with her as she’ll just f*ck you around until she can’t get anymore out of you.

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  1. AnonymousJune 16, 2018 at 12:49 PM

    Transitioning cost a lot. Playing for cash is really the only way many trans people can continue with their transformation. It’s just a reality of thing and there are risks.

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