Brian Lavis Serial Date Rape Specialist

Brian Lavis Serial Date Rape Specialist

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies, meet Brian Lavis a POS serial date rape specialist. He’ll play the nice guy role with you at first, then at his earliest opportunity, he’ll roofie (GBH) your drink and rape you repeatedly, taking pictures with his phone along the way. Later, he’ll go back to the bar and show all his old guy boyfriends. Ask any of his former unsuspecting dates and they’ll tell you the same thing, he’s a violent sociopath and narcissist who’ll do anything to satisfy his perverted backdoor fantasies. He’s also been known to drop to his knees for a taste of ugly uncircumsized Greg while doing pint and Pepsi. Lavis also has genital warts and DRD’s from years of unprotected sex. Do not accept a drink from this animal. For any reason. You’ll end up in the back of his vehicle or a dive hotel room, in great pain, getting raped. His older brother Jimmy is the same way, apparently bring a rapist runs in the family. His three kids need to know about their hero’s secret life, and apparently, one of them has more than a clue.

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  1. EmmaMay 6, 2019 at 7:42 AM

    Glad this POS has been put here. i have drds because of him.