Danica Jones — Are You Hiding?

Danica Jones — Are You Hiding?

THE DIRTY ARMY: miss jones aka aella neudorf new name on facebook, joined the military, theres probably reasons why she left. yes army but maybe her lies caught up to her. heres one for you all. she had slept with many men and most had gfs or wives. they were hunting her down on fb and threatening. another reason, her kid she couldn’t stand being a mom so she logs off the kid to the wicked b1tch of the north,her mother. excuse my French..gets the chance to fuk up the world more.besides the army don’t need a bi polar cvnt, so Danica or should I say aella why hide when u should face ur demons before running away from ur problems? ur lies will catch up,lets face it honey karma is a b1tch. p.s you screwed up kid, shes a little evil retard. maybe you should lay off the weed next pregnancy. bye bye for now xo


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  1. AnitaNovember 24, 2018 at 10:35 PM

    Wow. Sounds like a jealous stepmother is feeling threatened by her husband’s ex and his child. Interesting that you know all about these mysterious people who were “hunting” her down. It is my experience that people who say things like this are generally story tellers. You are vague at best so it makes it hard to believe that statement. I remember when your husband asked her to come back and she politely declined, so i am guessing that it is you who are “hunting” her down, lol that is so funny.
    On another note, Do you feel important when you belittle a child? Do you speak to your children that way? Your terminology for describing your stepchild is a reflection on your lack of intellect on such matters. I strongly suggest that you google the meaning of retard. It is laughable that you just called her an evil retard. Can you speak french as a second language? Nope, but she can and does so fluently. You cannot even spell correctly during your written tirade, or to refrain from cursing, this shows that your vocabulary is quite limited. My advice… stop showing off your ignorance and jealousy to the world. Grow up and repair whatever cracks are in your relationship and become a better person. As for the third person in your babbling drivel, that would bedeclined about me. Thank you for such an expletive description about me. I will take this as a compliment as i am sure you meant it to be. I will pray for you.

  2. AellaNovember 24, 2018 at 9:20 PM

    Hey there, to whoever is writing this. I am sorry that you feel so wronged that you must lash out at others. I think maybe you should verify all facts and not sprinkle in small truths that mean nothing with what you feel is truth. You talk about someone hiding who they are with an alternate name. Maybe it was to shield their family and themselves from people attacking them when it’s not true and unwarranted. But here you sit behind a computer and hide yourself, kind of hypocritical dont you think? I believe if someone had joined the CAF then maybe they are trying to better themselves and make a career and better living opportunities for themselves and their family. Maybe you shouldn’t throw rocks when you yourself live in a glass house. Also, I dont think someone who is a “great dad” contacts their eldest child once every 5 weeks, just saying. However if posting bad things about other people makes you feel better about yourself. Know only that karma will show up and you won’t be ready for it. I hope you get to read this, as it will teach you that not everything you say or do will make a lick of difference to those who know this person and cares about them. Sleep well, I know I will.

  3. CassandraNovember 6, 2018 at 11:31 AM

    Why do you have a hate on for her? And why do you have to hide behind a website? Are you that much of a horrible person that you have to give out her personal information to make yourself feel better? We all know who is posting this so why are you continuing Geneva peever?