Jarrod Johnston Undercover Booty Bandit

Jarrod Johnston Undercover Booty Bandit

The Dirty Army: Me and Jarrod used to be friends for 3 years we used to always smoke drink do pepsi (sometimes with his sister Kelsey) and always had a blast. One night he invited me over and told me to bring a 6 pack and a $20 gift card. I didn’t ask what for, he just said he would pay me back when I got to his place. When I got there we started smoking and he was telling me that he had the place to himself and he needed the gift card to renew his Netflix subscription. Anyways we crack open a beer and put on Power. At this point were binge watching, going through episodes and throwing back beers. I haven’ t smoked in a while so the weed was hitting pretty hard good enough to knock me out for a little bit. I woke up a hour later dazed and confused feeling something snuggled up against me. I was also underneath A blanket (which wasn’t on me before I fell asleep). I turned over and lifted the blanket to find Jarrod butt naked sound asleep. I freaked the fuck out!!! and bolted out the house as soon I got my jacket on. Since then Jarrod has blocked me on all social media and I decided i’d be moving to Ignace Ontario to deal with the mental damage this has caused me and i’ve decided to let go off this baggage before I leave.

-Jarrods T-shirt came true 


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