Nancy hakim — Biggest gold digger and fake

Nancy hakim — Biggest gold digger and fake

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Okay Nik. So this woman is like 50 years old and her name is NANCY HAKIM. She has a fiance who she never married and they’ve been together for about 15 years or so. He buys everything for her and her GROWN A55 KIDS. Buys them cars and pays anything they need as well as half of their rent. Now he lives in Windsor Ontario and she’s from montreal. She refuses to move with him due to not wanting to leave family which is understandable. He will drive 10 hours just to see her when he can. Does everything yet HE DOESNT EVEN SLEEP IN THE SAME BED. SHE MAKES HIM SLEEP ON THE COUCH. ITS UBSURD. She also has a man come over which she claims is a friend every Friday for a beer and kisses him. And says she loves him and has her kids lying to the poor man about it. She’s a gold digger and so are her kids who are all over 25 living with her making him pay for everything while she’s cheating. Feel bad for the guy. His name is Richard gilbault. HOPE ONE DAY THE POOR MAN WAKES UP AND LEAVES HER GOLD DIGGING LYING CHEATING A55.

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  1. Fed upMay 15, 2019 at 5:09 AM

    Elton hakim
    Your brother used a woman to keep his own kid out of he’s life !
    He did this to cause purpose and severe problems to have his child in his life .
    Now that he’s done using her well now you are backstabbing his baby mom to a jealous old slore . Elton you can claim that this is not being done deliberately to cause tension and drama but that’s accurately your intentions. You didn’t socialize with that whore or give her 1 second of your attention for the last 25 years so why now ? I’ll tell you why now because you are a little PUNK B1TCH just like your brother Michael .
    Elton when you and your b1tch brother Michael are doing and using deliberate people ( specifically woman ) to cause purpose drama well this is just another reason why your brother will never in his life get help from his baby mom to see his kid !

    Elton you needed that old midget slore on your fb right punk a55 b1tch ?
    You needed to add her to cause purpose drama .
    Don’t you dare ever think that people don’t see how you are a fkn drama causing lil b1tch ! You and your family USE woman to cause never ending problems .
    Your brother used Angela . You use midget slores , your mom and sister both use Jessica and your mom uses Richard to pay her rent and pay for all your cars , food , trips and your mom is cheating on him and doesn’t love him.
    If Richard stops paying your moms rent , food and her entire life well he would be discarded immediately . Are you gonna manipulate or use more woman to do your dirty work ? Both you and your brother are famous for using woman to do your dirty work.
    Stop b1tch . The only woman dumb enough to like you
    are the woman who clearly don’t know how you treat all your gfs like fuking SH:T !

  2. Corie C.May 14, 2019 at 5:50 PM

    Don’t ever think
    Your gonna frighten my cousin with prison lmao but you gotta be the biggest bitch sending your baby mom to prison when you yourself went to prison for beating on 3 woman . You have hospitalized woman and put my cousin into surgeries . you call the cops and charge her cuz she tells everybody your a deadbeat dad .
    You are a deadbeat dad !!!!!
    You put everybody and everything before your kid and then your mother and brother lie for you !

    You put your kid last and didn’t even get your own kid gifts at Christmas or on her birthday but you had time to go all over Quebec camping , biking , hiking with a big dumb b1tch you where just using
    you wonder why your baby mom is threatening your life ?

    You and your brother are West Island trash .
    The bike you bought your kid well
    Go return it .
    your pathetic brother is backstabbing my cousin with jealous dirty slores and a bike ain’t gonna fix 10 years of damage caused by you being a selfish d1ck and snitching on her .
    Your the biggest snitch in Montreal and nothing you do or say can fix what you did to her and WHO you got to charge her.
    Don’t forget who you got to run to cops and charge your baby mom.
    She tries to forgive you but I’ll tell
    You right now .
    Getting that ugly faced pig to charge my cousin is gonna cost you everything when it comes to your child and your older brother that continues to backstab my cousin To the biggest slore in Montreal ain’t gonna happen .

  3. Lee-A.May 14, 2019 at 4:35 PM

    I can confirm that Elton is backstabbing you and gossiping about you with the biggest and most famous SLORE in Montreal .

  4. FUK OFF RATSMay 14, 2019 at 12:17 PM

    Bravo you fkn PU55Y for getting your whole family to run to cops and snitch on your baby mom!
    Bravo you little b1tch for again using and involving Angela !
    Bravo you selfish deadbeat scum bag for buying yourself a car when you owe 10 years of child support !
    Bravo you cowardly scum bag for being a 40 year old “ man “
    Living for free in your moms basement !
    Bravo for your older brother the skinny FUK mouthed b1tch that’s backstabbing the mother of your kid with the filthiest slore in Montreal and bravo for using and manipulating multiple weak minded , white trash woman in drama all caused by you being a complete selfish deadbeat dad !
    Bravo for thinking that running to cops and snitching on your baby mom and then contacting her is
    Normal and bravo to your deadbeat mother who only likes her grandchildren if a baby mom has not exposed her 2 eldest trash sons !
    Is it “ keyboard “ tough ? Or is it really exposing you for the fkn little punk a55 deadbeat b1tch you really are .
    Bravo to the fact that your such a pathetic FUK boy that you actually used your sisters little friend to charge your baby mom !
    Bravo man !
    You win the award for being a severe narcissistic FUK boy and your older brother who can’t SHUT HIS FKN MOUTH ABOUT YOUR BABY MOM IS RUNNER UP !
    Don’t forget to tell people that you have had over 1 full year to see your kid but your a lazy deadbeat scum bag who has not gone to family court in over a year to see your kid ! You continue to tell people you “ can’t “ see your kid and that’s ONLY because you have not taken 10 min to get a court date to see your kid because you think the baby mom you snitched on is gonna help you ?
    She will never ever help
    You .
    You , your mother , your older brother the skinny little b1tch can’t stop doing everything to FUK with your baby mom.
    then when she reacts to you being a deadbeat , selfish , woman using , narcissistic , sociopath well you and your ugly faced white trash run to cops and snitch on her and then you contact her !
    FUK off b1tch.

  5. KkMay 4, 2019 at 8:00 AM

    He can’t open his snitch mouth without threatening to call cops .
    Resolve your problems without mentioning the police every day.

  6. Do not agreeApril 7, 2019 at 9:04 AM

    This lady is my old neighbour and doesn’t belong in here . I remember her but I also remember her husband and her sons . She has 4 or 5 kids. Her husband was a monster! He abused this woman for years and he was a drunk abusive nutso! Her sons had live-in gfs and they all abused these live-in gfs. We watched one of her sons attack his gf and pounded the crap out of her in front of our complex . I hope she is cheating on her hubby from hell .

  7. Leave a commentApril 5, 2019 at 5:31 AM

    Michael hakim the snitch , rat who got his sister , mommy , sisters friend and used a woman to ALL run to the police station and charge his baby mom and then the first B1TCH contacting his baby mom is MICHAEL HAKIM !
    You don’t pay child support !
    You live in your moms basement and you don’t buy your child a birthday or Christmas gift but you buy yourself a car ?
    Selfish deadbeat b1tch!

  8. SUPER HEROApril 4, 2019 at 5:48 AM

    His name is not mikael. His name is MICHAEL HAKIM and he’s a punk a55 B1TCH who snitch to cops !
    He’s a cop calling PU55Y!

  9. TrueMarch 22, 2019 at 12:43 PM

    True and true .
    Nancy uses her bf . He pays her rent and supports her damn kids and the poor dude sleeps on the sofa . She cheats on him when he leaves back home. They all lie about her cheating and using him. She lets all her grown a55 kids live with her . Nancy you like Richard because you use that poor guy for money and paying for all your Sh!t.

  10. ExposedJuly 24, 2018 at 4:37 AM

    Omg I don’t know who posted this but FINALLY!!! That whole family is a disgusting joke. One of the grown-ass kids that live with her (Mikael) is also a vile woman beater who abandons his children. He’s been charged multiple times for what he’s done to these poor women and his mother lies for him and makes the victims look like the aggressors. They are really manipulative and altogether repulsive. Stay away from the Hakims.