Nancy hakim — Biggest gold digger and fake

Nancy hakim — Biggest gold digger and fake

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Okay Nik. So this woman is like 50 years old and her name is NANCY HAKIM. She has a fiance who she never married and they’ve been together for about 15 years or so. He buys everything for her and her GROWN A55 KIDS. Buys them cars and pays anything they need as well as half of their rent. Now he lives in Windsor Ontario and she’s from montreal. She refuses to move with him due to not wanting to leave family which is understandable. He will drive 10 hours just to see her when he can. Does everything yet HE DOESNT EVEN SLEEP IN THE SAME BED. SHE MAKES HIM SLEEP ON THE COUCH. ITS UBSURD. She also has a man come over which she claims is a friend every Friday for a beer and kisses him. And says she loves him and has her kids lying to the poor man about it. She’s a gold digger and so are her kids who are all over 25 living with her making him pay for everything while she’s cheating. Feel bad for the guy. His name is Richard gilbault. HOPE ONE DAY THE POOR MAN WAKES UP AND LEAVES HER GOLD DIGGING LYING CHEATING A55.

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  1. ExposedJuly 24, 2018 at 4:37 AM

    Omg I don’t know who posted this but FINALLY!!! That whole family is a disgusting joke. One of the grown-ass kids that live with her (Mikael) is also a vile woman beater who abandons his children. He’s been charged multiple times for what he’s done to these poor women and his mother lies for him and makes the victims look like the aggressors. They are really manipulative and altogether repulsive. Stay away from the Hakims.