Ryan Vaillancourt — Avoid Ryan Vaillancourt At ALL Costs

Ryan Vaillancourt — Avoid Ryan Vaillancourt At ALL Costs

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies, this complete piece of sh1t is named Ryan Vaillancourt. Full name Ryan Edgar Vaillancourt. He’s from Timmins but weasled his way into Ottawa where he racked up a staggering 4 lawsuits alleging abuse, fraud, and theft. As you can imagine, he lost every. single. one.

If he ever comes your way, make sure to run as fast as you can because he’s nothing but trouble and human garbage.

Almost everyone who’s ever encountered him believes he’s an undiagnosed sociopath and narcissist who’ll do nothing but abuse and steal from you. He thinks just because his father owns a Motel in Timmins he’s hot sh1t.

He does nothing all day but hit dabs, pop pills and abuse his dogs – one of which is stolen and the reason he’s probably run away to Montreal in the midst of all the legal investigations.

He’s not a dog trainer, has never worked with the RCMP, and has no businesses. These are all things he claims affords him his lifestyle when it’s really just daddy paying to keep his a55 away from the house. NEVER agree to invest in anything with him because it’s just a scam to get your money and NEVER allow him to “train your dog” because that’s how he stole the smaller one he has.

Ryan, you can run but you can’t hide from the law, you complete sack of sh1t.


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