Victoria Harrison – Gothic c*nt

Victoria Harrison – Gothic c*nt

THE DIRTY ARMY:  This little c*nt is the most spiteful b1tch on the planet. She puts her nose in everyones buisiness and thinks she is gods gift to this world. She hates anyone who is thinner then her cause she is a fat slob. She fuks anything that has legs..cats, dogs…you name it…she fuks it. She is pregnant. Has no idea who the father is. She has a reputation of sniffing pepsi and fuking total strangers. She had to raise her sister but had her sister taken away because she would spend all her money on drugs and her sister would starve..i serioustly pray for her future baby. She will be a horrible mother.

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  1. PhisterNovember 7, 2018 at 9:05 PM

    would smash

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