Backstabbing Kayla Shepherd

Backstabbing Kayla Shepherd

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Hey Nik, this is Kayla Shepherd. The biggest two-faced slut in all of Napanee. This back-woods white trash girl is known for sleeping around with several guys at the same time, lying to everyone about it and talking trash about her “so called” friends. She is the most self-absorbed person I’ve ever known and sadly I use to be one of her friends and now I just pretend to be.

This dirt pig even cheated on her amazing long-time boyfriend Doug numerous times who treated her so incredibly good. And even cheated on him with one of his closest friends. She has absolutely NO morals and will have sex with anyone that pays ANY kind of attention to her. She then goes crying to her “friends” and plays the part of having it so bad and tough in life.

But will instantly talk about all of her friend’s private life’s acting as though she is better then they are and how they will never amount to much in life. I am so tired of this pug eyed dog playing it so innocent, when she is completely fake to everyone. Now I hear she has even caught something from sleeping around so much. I’m tired of knowing how she plays so many guys and constantly putting down her friends with her “better then you attitude”. Seriously, this dirt pig needs to learn some respect for other people and stop using men and manipulating them. She is Nasty and CANNOT be trusted!!!

Kayla, I will donate $100 dollars towards your botox. Please send me a Venmo request. Thanks.- nik