New Brunswick Pedophile, vigilante justice — Clarence Moran

New Brunswick Pedophile, vigilante justice — Clarence Moran

THE DIRTY ARMY:  You know, I used to hate this site Nik, because I am probably someone you’d make fun of. I am not fit nor attractive. Sad. But true. I then realized, you have the most amazing platform. I was molested for 2 years by this sh*t face Clarence Moran. From my just before my 7th birthday till shortly after my 9th. My siblings were subjected sexual and mental abuse as well. Multiple women and children have come forward. He has been actively offending for close to 40 years in Restigouche New Brunswick, Canada, but he somehow walks free.

I would never accuse an innocent person. I would out the piece of sh*t who invites little girls into his bedroom for a “fun” movie, then puts on hard-core pornography and “teaches” them how to be a woman. I am so done being the victim. Time for him to run scared with shame and constantly look over his shoulder. Thank you, Nik. Everyone has a purpose and yours turns out to be, yes, admittedly cheap entertainment, but a valuable service for those who have been violated, either by cheaters who pass on DRDs, abusers, and this piece of trash, the worst of them. Thanks and have a f**king awesome holiday <3

Thank you my child.- nik

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  1. scalywagNovember 10, 2017 at 11:48 AM

    I wish I had your strength. My godfather did the same to me at age 6 (the earliest I can remember this scum). I can’t remember his name and I do not want to ask my parents because I will search for him and kill him.

  2. jack.hahnNovember 8, 2017 at 9:19 AM

    OP, you should go out of your way to buy, rent, or stream view the 2002 Film “The Magdalene Sisters”; I believe you would find it to be cathartic. Read about it here: This movie is more about evil Nuns than male pedophiles, but the tactics are not dissimilar.