Juliette Orion – Cam Girl Floozy Wanna-Be Pornstar

Juliette Orion – Cam Girl Floozy Wanna-Be Pornstar

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, This is Juliette Orion. The biggest wanna-be slore in Niagara Falls. She used to constantly make fun of floozys, strippers, and sex workers putting them down thinking she was better than them until she turned 18 and turned into a full-blown floozy herself! Karma is a bitch isn’t it? Not only is she an floozy right out of highschool, she’s on porn sites and social media constantly trying to sell her horribly disgusting $2.99 masterbating videos to the world. Sad part is her mom knows and sees all her stuff online and she doesn’t even care!!! Talk about failure. The disgusting part is she’s so saggy EVERYWHERE and she thinks she actually looks good! She probably has the saggiest breasts I’ve ever seen on someone so young. She has the body of an overweight 40 year old and she’s only 18!!!! She’s parading herself as some pornstar and reality check! – She’s only a pathetic b-rated cam girl who body watches. Her rates are really low so she would pretty much do ANYTHING online for you for $30! It’s disgusting!!! I’ve never seen so many dildos and purple crayons run through such a young person. She’s constantly trying to get men to pay for her and nobody will. She doesn’t want a normal job or life because she thinks making clips online and being an escort is the best money you can make. Juliette – aren’t you afraid what you’re doing is going to leave a lasting impression?! Clearly not.


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  1. LOLApril 9, 2019 at 1:14 AM

    This girl is the biggest sloot and downfall of Niagara Falls . I feel so bad for her . She doesn’t realize how disgusting she actually looks online