WARNING ALL LADIES (Player): Francis Joseph Doyle

WARNING ALL LADIES (Player): Francis Joseph Doyle

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Francis Joseph Doyle. He lives on Park Street in Glace Bay, with his baby mama. He will tell you they are broken up (he sleeps on the couch and they are together for the kids) but they are still together, he has this poor woman brainwashed. He has been with her for 12 years (on and off). He will find a woman who is willing to let him move into her home, under the understanding that he is in a toxic relationship with Kim. He will tell you he will help out with bills and he will feed you lies to make you think he is an amazing man. He is a VERY good liar, pathologically so, he lies over the simplest things that have no need to be lied about. He will tell you about how

he is raising two kids that are not his to make him seem like a great guy, and you will believe him, he’s very convincing. After he is moved into your home, he will help with nothing. He will not clean, pay a bill or do his own laundry. All he will do is work and drink (hes a closet alcoholic and gambler) .. He will not be able to help with anything financial wise because he spends all of his money on alcohol and clothes. He is also a cheater. You will not be allowed to go anywhere near his cellphone. If you argue with him he will walk out and stay out for the night (you will later find out that he spent the night at Kim’s (his baby mama who he never actually left.)) .. He will tell you how he is signing over their one hundred thousand dollar home to his ex (they do not own the home, they rent it.) He will tell you he signed over the car to her (it was her car to begin with.) .. He constantly sends nude pictures of himself to anybody who will accept them (mainly because he was obese in the past and lost weight thanks to bulemia and now is going to Perry’s gym and needs people to tell him he’s attractive.) He was sending nudes to Katie Muise, who he worked with in New Waterford at the residential society (he will say that Katie propositioned him and he told her “no’) .. There is a woman named Anne McNeil from Halifax that he sleeps with when she comes down to visit (mainly during Coal Bowl, so you’ll be safe if you don’t date him around that time.) .. His friend Jenn Peterson, who he sends nudes to all the time will stick up for him, because they’re swingers. Also, if you ask any of his friends about him, they will pick up for him because all of the female ones have sex with him. He is a 36 year old man who never grew up. He constantly talks to women online until he’s able to convince one of them to date him. Then he will leave the mother of his children, and as soon as his new girlfriend catches on to what he is doing, he will go back to his babies mother. He will make you think you are crazy. Ps: He will refuse to wear a condom. And his penis has a very hard time becoming erect. He likes to use butt plugs and has told people that because he finds men attractive, it does not define his sexuality.


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    & this is surprising how? lol

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