Jade Helpard — Will Steal The Eyes Right Out Of Your Head

Jade Helpard — Will Steal The Eyes Right Out Of Your Head

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Jade.. This girl plays the victim well! She physically abused her mother for years. Until her mother couldn’t take it anymore and kicked her a55 out. She hooked up with a guy shortly after, and naturally got pregnant, ( the most responsible thing an unemployed thief could do with someone she just met) Things soon went to shit in their happy relationship, when Jade’s true colors shined through and started abusing baby daddy.. So he gives her the boot. Pregnant, broke and nowhere to go, Jade turns to her mother for help. No mother wants to see her child out on the street. So, mom takes her back in, rent free, no bills to pay. Now.. Mom got into some trouble with motor vehicle and couldn’t drive her car, So Jade suggests they put the car in her name, and she’ll drive her mom to work everyday.. mom reluctantly agreed. Well.. it didn’t take a week for Jade to abuse this privilege, and assault her mother while driving and try to kick her out of the car. The next day, the police escort Jade to her mother’s house with a tow truck Yo take her mother’s car!! This is a piece if shite person!! Do not lend her money! Do not let her stay at your house! Stay away if you value your sanity and your valuables!


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  1. The truthAugust 30, 2018 at 9:09 AM

    Theres witnesses and police reports to suggest the abuse jades mom has put her threw for her life and now her 5 year old son is going threw the same thing. Shes an alcoholic who can’t even clean her own house. Anyone that knows jade and her mom knows this post is beyond lies lol