Mike McCafferty — More Dartmouth Trash

Mike McCafferty — More Dartmouth Trash

THE DIRTY ARMY:Watch out for this trainwreck ladies. He is on all the online dating apps seeking women to take down. He will be really sweet for a few weeks until he starts stealing from you and forcing you to sleep with him. He asks for money and takes what he wants. He is extremely aggressive and usually wasted. Hands down most manipulative guy I’ve met. The worst part is, he has a girlfriend who has no idea about any of this. Im putting this one on blast. Unless you want to acquire DRD’s I would highly suggest not sleeping with him. This mutt doesn’t like rubbers. Definetely has predator tendancies so I wouldn’t have children or teens anywhere near him either. He will lie about his age but he’s 26 and has no job, no car and no life. He deserves am award for BIGGEST catfish in HRM. This is all just my opinion of course, see for yourself.


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  1. VixenNovember 13, 2018 at 6:05 AM

    Nice. Correction tho. His girlfriend knows, she just doesn’t care and is happy to be on his list lmaoooooo. They are both cooked XD go look at their new pic, he looks like hes dying and Chantal looks like she’s about to burst cause a boy is near her. WHACK.

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