Dirty Scum Of Nova Scotia — Naomi Noonan & Roddy Macphee

Dirty Scum Of Nova Scotia — Naomi Noonan & Roddy Macphee

THE DIRTY ARMY: Don’t ever trust these dirty nasty people. Roddy Macphee will lore any younger girl, doesn’t matter the age of them into his apartment and try to sexually assault them. Trust me he did it to me. Lord me into his place in New Glasgow, took nude photos of me and his little “psycho girl toy” blacked mailed me by putting my pictures all over the internet. Him and her and both psycho’s. She’s only 16 years old and he’s 28. He is a child molester and a rapist. Abused me and got away with it twice. Took all my money. Made my credit really shitty and his girlfriend is druggie by shooting up needles and snorting coke. She thinks she’s all that and I don’t even care if she find’s that I posted this on the Dirty. She deserves what I posted and so does he. This is not all of a lie. I am telling the truth. I knew him for 8 years. He hit me and tried to steal my cell phone away from me. Don’t ever try to message him on Facebook. He will lore you into his apartment and try to murder you. He will sit there and hack you’re Facebook account and every thing you own. She will hit any man. Doesn’t matter what your age is and Roddy Macphee will lore you into his place and try to rape you and take nude pictures of any woman. BEWARE OF THIS CHILD MOLESTER AND RAPIST. HE IS A GOOF I DONT CARE IF THEY FIND THIS POST! I WILL BE GIVING THEM BOTH THE LINK TO WHAT I POSTED, KARMA IS A BITCH! SINCERELY: THE DIRTY SCOOP!

–OP go the police. Roddy will be good boyfriend to someone in prison



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