Bri Maria — Sloottiest Girl Around

Bri Maria — Sloottiest Girl Around

THE DIRTY ARMY: Watch your mans inbox ladies!! This sloot can’t keep a man for the life of her. So she goes around trying to be taking other peoples men. Then when you confront her on it she will make fun of your appearance and block you like a coward a55 b1tch! Meanwhile she has to get plastic surgery to make herself feel better about her ugly self. Her teeth have a huge a55 gap and her eyes are so bulgy it looks like they’re going to fall out of the sockets! She thinks she’s hot sh1t!! But she’s not! My man don’t want her, and now she’s pissed she was rejected!!! Bye b1tch bye!!!!

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  1. The Name is in the TitleSeptember 11, 2018 at 3:48 PM

    this is super mean. sorry this happened to you.