Chris Rice – Run as fast as you can ladies

Chris Rice – Run as fast as you can ladies

THE DIRTY ARMY: Chris Rice will be the most amazing guy until you move him in. Then he has you he’s very unstable and unpredictable. He’s bipolar and untreated. He has multiple kids across Canada . He just bailed on his six month pregnant girlfriend after promising her the world. He don’t and won’t work he’ll just live off you . If you have kids already your a perfect target for him you have steady income. He will always make it your fault run out on you and he will sweet talk his way back in. He is heartless and don’t give a f%&k! I fell for his scam and now my kids are left heartbroken and confused. He’s currently on the run for charges in Alberta let’s hope he is picked up soon. Look out he’s on the move for his next victims.

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  1. An exJuly 31, 2018 at 12:34 AM

    Its true he’s a pos just gave another girl a black eye he’s curenttly in RED DEER ALBERTA living on the streets someone beat this goof

    • Loveable guyOctober 2, 2018 at 1:19 PM

      All I have to say is hes lucky he left red deer when he did. What he did to her poor face and to her kids. He should have got beat down over and over. Shes the most amazing girl Ive ever met. Very beautiful this women beater never deserved her. If I ever see you buddy its on. Stay away from her and her kids better not hear of you going to her house again or anything. It’s over leave her alone!!! Btw I love you lacey