Donnie Bouser Elliott — Wanna be biker EOA

Donnie Bouser Elliott — Wanna be biker EOA

THE DIRTY ARMY: This sack of sh1t took it upon him self to beat the sh1t out of a good friend of mine shes 5 foot 1 140 pounds Hes 5 foot 5 200 plus pounds. He began by knocking her unconsious full fist go the head. becUse she wanted to leave. Then took it upon himself to smash plates over her approx a dozen. He grabbed her by the hair kept dragging her back to the house. He kicked her while rudely dragging her through the house preventing her to leave. As she managed to get out he put his hands around her throat Nd mouth shield she screamed help. Two nights prior he date raped her. She has no recollection of the night. But woke up naked. He then began to threaten her telling her he would kill her if she spoke. While denying over text. I had a e00 act h shipped to his home due that I share mail with r of my other tenants. He stole the watch along with 300 qorth groceries 100 surround system I had purchased myself. She has a grade 2 concussion and has sever memory loss. She is In health care and is now off work. Just letting the world know what my friend went through. She is off work on trauma therapy. Suffers from night terrors. And nearly committed suicide over this matter. He has now charged her becUse hes a bitch and couldnt handle that he beat an indecent woman. I may add hes 25 years older than her. Hes a coward.

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  1. Derek HalletJune 5, 2019 at 7:26 PM

    Hes a goof

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