Jenn Leonhardt- Thomson –Jaguar Jenn

Jenn Leonhardt- Thomson –Jaguar Jenn

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, yet another trashy Ontario hoe. Jenn Leonhardt is manipulative, and controlling middle age hoe dating a 24 yr old from South Carolina. She’s constantly hanging off the guy’s words even though he’s been sending multiple women pictures of his penis, asking them for nudes, trying to get them to have sex with him and convincing them to move to SC so he can have sex with them whenever he wants. He claims to be truthful, faithful, honest and loyal…. I have a hunch she knows he’s not any of things he’s claims, but she’s desperate and would rather stay with a man who’s half her daughters age than be alone. A quick look at his facebook you can tell he’s ashamed of their relationship, and she has to use a fake account for their relationship status. SHADY. Give your head a shake ?

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  1. SomeoneDecember 21, 2018 at 12:48 PM

    Lmfao! Holy f*k where did she learn to do her makeup? She looks like a cheap f*king drag queen. No wonder she’s single… oh sorry, “dating” a guy 20 years younger. Fuuuuukkk I’m dying

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