Julia Kitras — Ontario College of Trades Complaint Against VInnie’s Mr. Fix It

Julia Kitras — Ontario College of Trades Complaint Against VInnie’s Mr. Fix It

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, screenshots of the Ontario College of Trades complaint against Julia Kitras. It outlines multiple frauds and auto thefts committed by Kitras while working at Vinnie’s Mr Fix It in Guelph, Ontario. She has a history of defrauding romantic partners, business associates and customers at Vinnie’s Mr. Fix It to dole out favours to her friends and family and to fund her ever growing debt payments Julia Kitras’ schemes generally are of this nature “Robbing Paul to pay Peter,” typical pyramid schemes Guelph and Elora, Ontario have municipal elections October 2018. Local politicians Cam Guthrie and Stephen Kitras should be publicly questioned about their involvement in and knowledge of Julia Kitras’ fraudulent activities She’s openly praised on social media by these business owners, politicians and public figures for being a champion of honest work and women rights: – Stephen Kitras, Cam Guthrie, Shane Ward, The Common Cafe Guelph, Vinnie’s Mr Fix It , Kitras Art Glass, Wyndham Art Supplies, Innovative Guelph, Royal City Roller Derby, Seagram Company’s Kelly Seagram, Matthew’s Barber Shop Guelph, Kevin Konnyu, Guelph Today’s Kenneth Armstrong > Note, if these people, mentioned above, don’t like being connected to Kitras’ criminal activities, I advise you to discriminate who you publicly endorse on your social media. Basically, change your taste in friends


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  1. SuperwomanOctober 29, 2018 at 9:23 AM

    Post your review on Google Maps or Reddit.

    Vinnie’s Mr. Fix It is a dump of a shop. What’s up with all the children mechanics in the shop?

    I’ve seen her around the Ward and ran into her a few years back. She was talking a mile a minute, head twitching in all these directions like she just did a line of pepsi, had overloaded me with all these cliche compliments.

    Not so much a clever manipulator but all and all a manipulator.

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