Katelyn Saunders — Slore alert

Katelyn Saunders — Slore alert

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Katelyn Saunders or should we call her the brockville bicycle 19 years old and she’s had all of brockville inside her of course she will openly admit she’s been Sucking c0ck since she was 10 years old drunk stupid and crazier than a bat from hell she is ALWAYS on the lookout for her next victim and she will take everything you have even your self esteem she will make you feel like your in the wrong only when she doesn’t get her way she threatens to kill herself and makes sh1t up about absolutely EVERYONE she truely is an awful awful person she lives in a dump with about 8 other people at her moms apartment along with her 3 nasty ass ugly fukin dogs be careful with this one fellas


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  1. KAITLYNApril 18, 2019 at 12:49 AM

    LMFAO!! Some people in this town are so low lol, talk shot assholes I know who I am ;)
    And my name is spelt
    “KAITLYN;) “