Matthew Tyler Cole-Vickers: Canadas Lowest Form

Matthew Tyler Cole-Vickers: Canadas Lowest Form

THE DIRTY ARMY:  This dude seriously has f*cked up morals. He’s been awesome at manipulation skills for quite some time and now his time is up and it’s time to shine bright like the sores on his penis.  Always has an excuse seriously ladies how many ingrown hairs on your c*ck can a man get? He is so slimy he won’t even wrap his d1ck cause it interferes w his piercings. Well here’s the thing we don’t all want drds.  His favourite game is too find broken woman who are single moms and take them for a mental ride of waves of abuse. One minute he will be loving and caring and next day behind back that

way with another person x each day of week if able. His most recent experiences include a girl of 3 years and one day just ghosting out, despite her awareness of things and continued stupidity to support and care for him. Sad thing is this girl for months has chased this guy with him leaving pointers too but continuing to play ghost otherwise and be rude to her. I think she’s stupid but she’s my friend and I love her and she loved this dude and was extremely good to him.  He loves to be on all forms of dating n hook up sites.  This ginger has no soul. This guy also was charged several times and if google his name alone will give you a general concept of what he is truly. A trusted person through manipulation who’s sick and twisted beyond repair and should be made known to all so your on guard if involved.  These things are only a few things that start this guy. He recently online posted pictures with a girl shoving alcohol bottles in her and now seeing a girl with same name as the girl of 3 years he’s been ghosting and not only oddly do they share the same name with one another but also a nickname on same social media site.  He loves to prior to this girl date strippers and floozys and limo them out for his own life and mentally mess them up too. Another girl he dated for almost a year for like 4 has stocked him and became obsessed. Not sure what’s appealing to these girls but honestly this guy needs to just grow up and if going to be a floozy not tell girls he loves them and drag them around when just wanting sex and if wanting just sex be weary of the sores and all the others he sleeps with which I assume is almost anything that spread legs for him male and female. So wrap it up and if no glove than no love!

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  1. TheonetheonlyJune 11, 2018 at 1:12 PM

    Lol my god the effort it took to write this…do you guys get a perscription plan multi discount for a the drds ?