Natasha higgins — Meth Head Tasha

Natasha higgins — Meth Head Tasha

THE DIRTY ARMY: Say hello to Natasha Higgins, she’s nothing but an Oshawa dirtbag she uses people for money and complains she’s starving when she’s posting all over social media bong tokes and smoking meth. If you have money for meth you have money for food. She posts herself nude all over the place and tells people she’s pregnant at least once a month. It’s just her way of trying to get other people to support her. She’s onto a new guy every week and is open to almost anyone who’s gunna get her Laid. This girl is a gross girl she sent nudes to my husband and she slept with my ex when we were together. She probably Has every single DRD out there known to man kind! Stay away from her if you want to stay clean!

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  1. 10”bwcApril 7, 2019 at 3:18 AM

    Where are these naked pics if they are everywhere? At least show a better pic haha

  2. JimmyMarch 25, 2019 at 3:11 PM

    Damn i’ll take a sample of that for sure!

  3. 10/10 Would SmashJanuary 26, 2019 at 9:16 AM

    She’s hot. I’d smash for sure.

  4. peteNovember 1, 2018 at 5:47 PM

    any one know her number or fb?

  5. peteOctober 31, 2018 at 6:36 PM

    how do i find her?

  6. peteOctober 31, 2018 at 6:35 PM

    damn she can stay at my place!!!!

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