Olivia Manovich- Oral Artist

Olivia Manovich- Oral Artist

THE DIRTY ARMY:When she is not attending church and reading the bible this hypocrite from Orillia, Ontario is addicted to oral sex and being fingered on a regular basis. She also has a bad addiction to masturbating and will consistently lie to herself and others that it’s ok for good Christian girls to swallow loads and be fingered. Its laughable what excuses this egotistical narcissist is able to come up with on a regular basis to justify being a sloot. She will preach to you and act like a saint and then a few moments later be caught with some random guy sucking him off. She is simply a dirty nympho that looks for sex online and will meet up with anyone that is willing. This loser also still lives at home so just meet her behind Connexus and she will get naked for you and swallow your load after Sunday service.


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  1. ManDecember 19, 2018 at 8:49 AM

    Not surprised to see this one. Olivia Manovich is every as described. Nasty Christian hypocrite.