Patricia Russel fat stinky slob trash meth head

Patricia Russel fat stinky slob trash meth head

THE DIRTY ARMY: Patricia Russel is one big fat ho* she is a piece of crap mother and a druggy. Her breathe stinks so foul and so does her vagina. Its sad but true she has huge outy pus* lips very gross. Her kids should probably know what a sloot thier mom is and how she spends her sugar daddys money on drugs and not them. She sleeps with anyone. You can find her sellin her a55 on tna board.You are worthless Patricia a classic piece of crap human i hope you die and dont worry guys she is always down to sleep with a new guy and his friends. Patricia your face is so ugly it hurts and your lady parts are saggy vagina lips are nasty large and stink. Brush your teeth wash your you know what and start being a good mom and stop having kids its pollution to the world gross.

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  1. peteNovember 3, 2018 at 4:08 AM

    where she from?