Samantha Moss of Mossworks a joke photographer is the dirtiest, fat, cuckhold, homewrecking c*nt who sleeps with old married men

Samantha Moss of Mossworks a joke photographer is the dirtiest, fat, cuckhold, homewrecking c*nt who sleeps with old married men

THE DIRTY ARMY: So this is Samantha Moss of Peterborough, ON. I located this nasty piece butch lesbo looking chick when checking out photography tags on instagram. I noticed she majorly edited and photo shopped her wrecked fat looking body and then posting it online saying it was her real body, when clearly from photos included it’s not. She goes as far to create a fake ab line. It’s priceless! Apparently calling her out on it, so insecure, she then posts on facebook of these claims and needs immediate support from her ‘friends’. Little did this ugly dumb c*nt know, that because she posted my insta handle I had a couple people reach out to me online. I found out more dirt than ever on this terrible, terrible slooore. These so called fb ‘friends’ disclosed some very intimate details, as well as what happened to a once ex- best friend of hers. She told me this sloot had slept with her then fiancee while she was asleep in the very same house! To have the nerve to sleep with her man while in the same house is beyond me. Then laugh and tell her then bf at the time about all the details, because he got kicks out of her exploiting and slooting herself out to other men bc he dug it and she obviously did too! Mortifying really. Best part, over a year her best friend had no idea her fiancee and her best friend (Samantha) had slept together and Sam carried on pretending to be her bestfriend as if nothing happened, never telling her of her transgressions. Down the road her bestfriend learned the truth and broke her engagement off bc of this homewrecker! If that’s not bad enough she had became pregnant with said engaged man and had to have an abortion! If that’s not the worst of it.. during College, her slooty ways never stopped, she broke up a marriage between a 55 to 60 y.o couple and slept with this 60 y.o professor from the same college she was attending, thinking he was going to be her sugar daddy! Never expected to find so much dirt ,but, do you really know who’s behind the lens taking your photos? Well now you do. You just can’t make this sh1t up! lol I’d never hire her that’s for sure. lol Nik, put this homewrecking, morally bankrupt loose c*nt on blast because she has to be the worst waste of skin and her so called ‘clients’ should really know how desperate and c0ck hungry she is especially for older men’. So, Wives next photoshoot, lock up your hubbies, and even grandpas too, bc her loose gaping hole of a c*nt will snag up any virile c0ck that she’ll come across.

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  1. HARRYMarch 6, 2019 at 9:28 AM


  2. KarmaNovember 28, 2018 at 3:02 AM

    lol bahaha about time this dirrty homewrecker was exposed. Karma really is a bitch, just like this trash, but she pretends to be so innocent- say that to her once bestfriend, Hilary she screwed over and that other marriage wrecked. Karma comes full circle you c*m dumpster.