Tyler and Karla Owen — Two low lives

Tyler and Karla Owen — Two low lives

THE DIRTY ARMY: These two have been on more than once. He has a child that he can not see. She lost her first child at birth. They now have two children together and children’s aid is involved again. He is a addict in and out of jail and she sleeps with anyone. They both live off the system and claim they don’t live together. Their relationship is toxic and they claim they are the best parents. They should not have these children and no one is doing anything to protect them.


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  1. SuperheroDecember 4, 2018 at 8:48 PM

    Fact he’s a scum
    Fact Karla is an amazing mother
    Fact Victoria fiorino has nothing better to do with her life
    Fact Karla doesn’t live in the city neither do her two children
    Fact Tyler’s a POS dad
    Fact her kids as beautiful and amazingly raised

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