Warning to women everywhere: William Gordon Barrie ONTARIO

Warning to women everywhere: William Gordon Barrie ONTARIO

THE DIRTY ARMY:  I’m writing in about William Gordon who currently lives in Barrie Ontario. He is the biggest abusing piece of sh1t human being that’s ever existed. He not only love-bombs everyone into his trap, but once in, he starts severe emotional warfare and physical abuse to the point where you’re too tired and hurt to walk away. He is extremely impulsive and angry, he will put you in danger. His current mission is to find a woman with a home he can move into- because he doesn’t have anywhere to go now that his home is being forced for sale. He has no empathy and he will control everything you do everyone you see and even ask you to quit your job so you’re under his control. He is sociopathic and has clear borderline personality disorder traits. Every word out of his mouth is a lie. If only I could attach a video of his abuse and the emails he’s sent it would make your head spin.

He used to be a big marketing snake in a suit but got fired, and now works at a turd of a paintball field where he manipulates all the young kids that work for him with his charms and tactics. He smokes tons of weed in a day as well as his depression meds which makes him even more aggressive. As a final note: he has genital herpes and oral herpes and will knowingly give it to you without caring because that’s another form of him trapping of you to make you feel unworthy to anyone else. Women need to be warned about this abuser because he will just break you down and move on to the next, infecting and abusing everyone in his way. even his own family knows how dangerous he is


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  1. The Name is in the TitleSeptember 11, 2018 at 3:30 PM

    Well, I see you’ve met the ex! :/

    It’s singular, because for the last 10 years, I’ve been with my wife… ex wife… the angry one…

    I was married to the wrong person. While, unfortunate – this person decided the same and left the marriage, our home, our dog, an income apartment, and more to me to deal with alone.

    The Effect?
    This crushed me! why wouldn’t it? I thought what we had was forever – that’s why you get married, right? The change from one 5,10, 20 year plan to no plan that rocked my world; it sent me into a depression. Carrying it all on my back, that was rough!

    Of course I sought out medial support from my doctor and therapist. (As a commentary: I don’t think its appropriate to shame anyone for taking a route of self care.)

    My Mom helped me out of it, so did my friends. My mom and I have dinner almost every Tuesday – she and my sisters have been really terrific through this and are great sources of support – we share our joy :)

    My Career:
    I earned the place at an incredible set of teams at amazing companies. I have public professional references from bosses, subordinates, suppliers, and clients (from 20 to 60 years old – not just kids – haha!).
    My career is continuing at a fantastic pace as the owner of my own company, and my linked-in profile is hella strong ;)

    My Mission:
    I own my own company! How exciting! Its productive and its engaging. I love what I do.

    In fact – I left my last career (of no consequence, but in major strategic and enterprise sales; not marketing) to build a marketing and business process consulting company focused on building inclusive communities in adrenaline sports. It provides Millennial’s with local and provincial places and groups they feel valued and accepted. It also gives businesses the ability to sustain growth by fostering growing inclusive communities. I have thousands of members in my Ontario focused group, its free, non-denominational, non-gender exclusive, and really is something made from love.
    Its based on: Inclusiveness, Fun, and Fair Play. :D

    What I’m looking for:
    Independent woman – Please have and don’t quit your job / Have your own life and probably don’t sh1tpost on sites like this? You can do better, we all can here… Just found out this site existed and will likely never be back.

    Last notes:
    Scorched earth and scare tactics look bad on everyone. Let’s build each other up – this site and this type of hate are seriously too much. Way too far.

    Ex – please move on. woof.

    STI test – a simple trip to the health unit to ensure I didn’t catch anything from the ex’s potential escapades. Happy to share the clean results with a special lady, one day ;)

    I’m also going to take it as a compliment that she couldn’t find a bad photo of me. You should see the good ones ;)

    Cheers. Hopefully someone writes something nice about you today.

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