Audrey Laroquce of Ottawa

Audrey Laroquce of Ottawa

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik ,this woman Audrey Laroquce sucks men in with sex for their money while her 2 baby daddies takes care of the kids. She mentally abuses the baby dad every day. She makes fun of all her friends and family cause they don’t buy the stuff she does like Coach purses!! Says that people who buy clothes at Wal-Mart are dirty pigs. She will trade sex for a couple king cans and a pack of smokes. Sad thing is the 2 kids are mentally abused as well. When she doesn’t like someone, she makes sure the kids hear all the horrible things she has to say. Telling them when there dad doesn’t do what she wants daddy is bad don’t talk to him…… yells and screaming at anyone who doesn’t do what she wants. She only seeks out men who have money. She will lie to whoever to get what she wants. She argues with everyone including her family. She will mentally abuse you, threaten you, and even physically hurt you. Her second husband had her charged for abuse and put a restraining order on her so she couldn’t contact him or there daughter. BEWARE. SHE WILL BLAME EVERYONE ELSE FOR EVERYTHING.

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  1. voice of reasonNovember 7, 2017 at 5:15 PM

    you sound like baby dad #1

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