Black is the new Staulker

Black is the new Staulker

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, my friend and I were clubbing one night around March and this guy happened to run into me. I had met him several years before on an international student field trip to Ottawa but never saw him again. I gave him one dance to be nice since he never had given me any red flags our initial meeting.. but that was a mistake.

WARNING LADIES: he did NOT let go of me the rest of the night, he would not let go of my hands or arms and kept grinding on me SO hard all I could do is stand there in misery all night. My friend couldnt even pull him off of me and no one on the dancefloor tried to help me either. The few minutes I got away from him, I tried to let the bar staff know I needed help and they didn’t understand (or care). This was ALL while yelling at him that I was NOT ever going to be interested and wanted to dance with my friend and alone. He would not listen or let go. He ended up chasing my friend and I out of the club and down the road and started grabbing at my friend begging her to convince me that he was a good guy. He even held onto me and my car door as my friend and I tried to drive away down the road…clinging on for dear life!?

I thought I would never see him again until a few days ago (so almost 5 months later). He saw me crossing the street with some friends and tried to run me over while honking. He turned into the parking garage and got out and started towards us glaring at me and we had to run up the street and around the corner.. THIS IS NOT A NICE OR GOOD GUY LADIES. PLEASE BE WARNED! I don’t know his full name because it is something in Nigerian/African but I hunted down his picture. Please be warned if you see him at any clubs in Kingston! He will grab and never let go, grope and fondle and harass you, and will not take “NO” for an answer!

The image makes me want to FaceTime myself.- nik

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