Pretend Vegan / Hamburger Helper Eating Emotional Wreck – Brandon James

Pretend Vegan / Hamburger Helper Eating Emotional Wreck – Brandon James

THE DIRTY ARMY:  This Guy is a MASSIVE cheating slore bag and an immense emotional wreck. While on his off days he enjoys scrubbing the d1ck cheese off his massively gross d1ck from fuking girls all day. If you give him enough pepsi he’ll tell girls that they were the only one for him and he was such a sweet guy BUT BE WARNED – he is a master manipulator and scumbag. He’s always got girls on the go, and if you date him – say goodbye to having any guy friends, or any friends at all. He will tell you that you are a cheating slore that is fuking all your friends, girls or guys, what have you. He will emotionally kill your ability to love yourself because he actually just hates himself so much. He has the ability to make people think there is something wrong with them while he completely fuks them over on the side and becomes the biggest hypocritical mess ever known to man/woman. He also tries to entice people into thinking he has this sweet emotional side by use of his dog and saying he is vegan, however if you know this guy well enough, he lived on a diet of hamburger helper for years – saying everything is gross and demanding only Whoppers from Burger King. On especially greedy slobby days, he’d have two. He is a slimey piece of sh1t that uses girls for about 6 months before starting to cheat on them and emotionally drain them by saying that they are actually cheating on him. Controlling. Crazy. Waste of space. This guys has tried to reinvent himself so many times, I think we’ve all lost count. Beware this emotional mess of a loser, he has no friends for a reason. GIRLS Beware, he will fuk you up and try and say you fuked him up. He will also spread awful rumours about you to whatever little friends he has left. Also, he’ll cheat without condoms and spread whatever disgusting cheese d1ck diseases, he’ll have multiple girls in a day and then get mad at them all and say they are all disgusting wh*res after professing his undying lying love, while trying to f*ck all your friends. FUK THIS GUY.

— OP he’s having it his way.

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  1. AmandaMarch 3, 2019 at 3:49 AM

    Total douche with no heart. Took me to dinner and acted very odd. I quickly realzied he is a scumbag soon as he opened his mouth with empty flattery. My gf tells me he isna drug dealer to top it off. Absolutely a sleeze.

  2. KathrynDJuly 10, 2018 at 3:40 PM

    He makes weird old man sounds

  3. Kathryn SweetJuly 2, 2018 at 5:34 AM

    I used to date him and he ate my Poo

  4. LilsqueakJune 15, 2018 at 7:35 AM

    Ew I know this guy he’s so gross