Brenda Elizabeth Monkman — Sloor slore

Brenda Elizabeth Monkman — Sloor slore

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everyone, meet the dirtiest and most pathetic bitch in Ottawa. Her name is Brenda Monkman but he prefers the name Elizabeth or Liz for short. If you’ve seen this little walking trashcan it has probably been downtown or you may have seen her when she lived in Caldwell. She is a sloot, that can’t keep her legs closed. (In a span of 4 months dated 8 different guys an never wore protection. She even keeps boxes of pregnancy tests in her nightstand) She can’t even keep a pet, again 4-month span had 4 different pets, which she abused and neglected. She’s dirty as all hell, I’ve never seen her take a shower or wash her clothes ever. She likes to play the depressed victim of spousal abuse, rape and suicidal thoughts. Yet, goes around offering her body for free just to get booze, drugs, have place’s to stay, and food. She’s even gone as far as drugging a man and then raping him because he said no to leaving his pregnant fiance of 4 years. Nik, I don’t know what else to say about this disgusting an dirty Caldwell slore as just typing this makes me want to vomit. But on a side note, … Bitch, If you ever speak my friend’s name again after trying to pull that fake a55 pregnancy sh1t after drugging and raping him. I’m going to snuffs you out if I ever see you bitch, I ain’t fuking around with you no more! Also, watch your fuking back, cause his fiance isn’t pregnant anymore an she’s looking for blood.

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  1. Rideau Juggalo FamilyNovember 4, 2018 at 4:47 PM

    Yo she got dem skillz for make all da homies go WHOOP WHOOP ya feel me, raw dawg Juggalo pimp style

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