Carmelo Junko Vita the Goof trick

Carmelo Junko Vita the Goof trick

THE DIRTY ARMY:  So this guy goes and pays girls half his age for sexual favors. He’ wasexpecting free p*ssy from this one girl whose been inthe industry for years welcome to the game f*cking dumbass time is money as you should already know now you owe mad money. This guys lil d1ck LMAO ? elevator button even has nasty fetishes about f*cking his own three daughters don’t get me wrong they’re hot but trick Daddy shouldn’t get to up close and personal you can find him over twitter as Carmelo Vita also hollaring at young girls of all sorts of walk of life . John’s are illegal for your information Carmelo Vita so go ahead and lock yourself up idiot Stop hiring girls if you can’t f*cking pay sh1t. Ps he paid lil amounts then all of sudden this dumbass taught it was real love lmao . And i feel very bad for your daughter’s you probably sexually assaulted them after all the stories you would tell all the girls about how u watched them inbikini n sleeping nasty. Hurd one having sex u jerked off to it. Please enough enough u f*cking weirdo pedophile. Get a grip u trick

— OP sounds like this elevator is out of order.

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  1. hxxxsJuly 16, 2018 at 3:14 PM

    this is pathetic . youre in the industry so your paycheck relies on these men , and is based on pervs . youre a moron trying to expose tricks . id say go get a 9-5 but the way youre spelling is shown here im unsure youre anymore cut out for that then you are for the industry .

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