Elly Esford — Dirty Old Slore Who Likes To Front Class

Elly Esford — Dirty Old Slore Who Likes To Front Class

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Elly Esford. Roughly 36 years old….though looks about 47. Although could be mistaken for an old heffer who’s hide is too used for leather and tainted meat too tough to eat. This gal likes to front class and feign values being all about loyalty to your spouse and family oriented. As if she would be the first one to decline a cheating man or step in to the role of being a homewrecker. Well reality is it’s just that…a front. Worst parent of the year award could go to this crackhead b1tch who loves alcohol a little too much….the kind of mom who invites married and otherwise taken men over to her house while her children are home to get a bit of d1ck because her fat a55 cant even be bothered to go get it herself. The kind of mother who though the men she cheats with have women and children in their own life still follows through with the dirty deeds she commits. Breaking hearts of children everywhere and spreading more then just her legs while she’s at it. Her kids must be so proud of her….I’m sure her parents would be. Even going as far as to try and get with guys barely legal and far younger then herself (causing a lot of vomit from the younger guys so I’ve heard). She lives just outside of Smiths Falls going towards Brockville which is perfect for her character. Although she is a 2 on the scale she likes to think shes a 9.9. Without the decency to speak the truth even when called out on her actions. A real prize yellow bellied snake this one. You can tell by the company she keeps just how dirty she really is. This gal can be bought for with a 2″ DRD covered penis or if you prefer to play with her classy side buy her the cheapest bottle you can find and watch the clothes peel off. Make sure its a big one though so those kiddies of hers can have a drink too and you don’t have an audience while you rail her in front of them. If all else fails just find the closest pile of sh1t at a farm near you and she will roll around in it to mask the fish scent. Her door is open for business at all hours or the night and day [redacted] Elizabeth-Kitley…go in through the back door it’s always open. Women watch your guys because if they are in contact with any of the accounts or other info listed you never know what they may bring home.


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  1. NikkiSeptember 15, 2018 at 2:03 AM

    Never happend

  2. jaySeptember 14, 2018 at 9:46 PM

    id tap it too trying to msg her to see if she will let me take her out n pay for everything

  3. I love herSeptember 14, 2018 at 9:08 AM

    I am I love with her…..she sounds sexy as f#%*!

    Message me back and let’s chat