THE DIRTY ARMY: So as everyone probably already knows Emma Beaman as “Baddie Maddie” or Ratty Maddy as I call her or by her lame a55 instagram Shebad666. So first things first Emma is the biggest pathological liar that has ever lived everyone knows this about her. She jumps from man to man so desperately trying to find someone that will give her the time of day but, after they find out just how crazy she is they leave her in a second. BUT, be careful because ratty maddie will call the cops on you as soon as you leave her loose a55. She’s so insane, she has been in and out of the Royal Ottawa so many times it’s like her second home, this drug addicted Thot will do an 8 ball a night. But let’s get down to the real reason I’m talking about her EMMA has ratted once again. NOT only did Diablo already beat a case where she made up lies about him but, now again Emma is trying to sit here and ruin Diablos life once again. Anyone that knows her knows just how obsessed this girl is with him. HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND AND HAS FOR A YEAR SND A HALF, hasn’t done anything messed up in that time and is getting his life together and doing good for his family. Emma is so angry that he no longer wants her that she messaged him after a year and a half of not talking and asked him to attend her birthday party. He said “I don’t mess with renegades like you” obviously ratty maddie is back at it she got angry about him not wanting to see her so she called the police obviously while she was high and made a 100% false statement about Diablo. Now because of all this people are reading articles about Diablo saying he’s a “human trafficker” THE MAN STAYS HOME WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND AND PROVIDES FOR HIS FAMILY HE IS THE SWEETEST MOST CAREING MAN I HAVE EVER HAD THE PLEASURE OF MEETING IN MY LIFE. Emma has begged multiple men to take her money, she makes captions on her pictures saying “now accepting daddy applications”. She is obsessed with stripping, floozying, and snorting drugs that’s what she lives for. NO ONE makes her do this she does it on her own. Also let it be known DIABLO HAS BEEN TO JAIL MULTIPLE TIMES AND NOT ONCE DID ANY OF HIS CHARGES HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH HUMAN TRAFFICKING THATS NOT WHST HE DOES. It’s disgusting that the article is even in the news seeing that the case has not been proven what’s so ever. And the fact that they said “woman saved” LOL this slore was floozying herself in Calgary the month before she went and wrote a statement saying she’s a victim. This girl is a little rich kid that’s used to handouts, and is obviously broke so now she’s living in a “abused” woman’s shealter in Winchester. Yes hoe your location isn’t a secret like you think it is . But don’t worry your methods won’t work this time I’m going to make sure the world knows just how crazy you are my girl. ANY MAN IN ONTARIO NEEDS TO BEWARE OF THIS THOT SHES LITERALLY YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE SHE WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE AMD SEND YOU TO THE BIN. ALSO GIRLS BEWARE SHE WILL BECOME SO OBSESSED WITH YOU THAT SHE WILL ALSO RUIN YOUR LIFE. AND FOR ANYONE THAT KNOWS DIABLO KNOWS THESE CHARGES ARE BULLSH1T AND EVERYONE THAT KNOWS MADDIE NEEDS TO EXPOSE THIS DUMB THOT FOR THE PATHALOGICAL LYING THOT THAT SHE IS .


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  1. Regular joeNovember 5, 2018 at 3:57 PM

    This girl is disgusting