Jennifer Fitzpatrick — Liar/Shore

THE DIRTY ARMY: She likes to sleep with as many men as possible so that she has lots of men to do her bidding. She spreads lies and rumors about numerous people that are untrue and usually about herself. She gets pleasure in seeing people hurt but acts like a concerned friend. She will literally suck your soul out if you let her. She is very insecure and jealous and she actually does not have much hair it’s extensions and no eyebrows she looks like an alien to me. She will sleep with her own family’s boyfriend and father of kids. She supports men who abuse kids. She support men who are predators. She is a very disturbed sick woman and if you have children I suggest you keep away.  She has put a few ppl away in jail innocent people because of her lies and causing wars and getting people against each other. She is lazy and won’t even take her baby out for a walk.  When she has men over to sleep with she screams so loud it sounds like a dying cow. Hopefully people can now see the truth. She has literally ruined people’s lives over rumors and games and drama. She knows alot of very bad men enables them and tells them lies about people it causes wars. Get well Jen

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  1. LolApril 10, 2019 at 6:14 AM

    Jen is the biggest hoe in ottawa wow someone please post her picture. She’s such a dirty bird she smells and her snatch is so loose you will fall in. She is so ugly look at her she has to load makeup on and orange hahahha look at her eyebrows god how do you even have kids ? you look like a tranny. And letting your daughter date a druggy little punk at her age she prob a little slut like you or will become since you trained her well lol. Jen get off the drugs loser.

  2. kimmJuly 24, 2018 at 2:50 PM

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