Katie Baird — Pepsihead Psycho B1tch Slhore

Katie Baird — Pepsihead Psycho B1tch Slhore

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where does one even begin with this slhore. She has been cheating on her husband for the entire relationship. with his friends, her friends, randoms. I seen her blowing some kid that wasn’t her husband in the Bayshore parking lot in March. She has no respect for husband to even hide her dirty life. She lies and says she’s going to friends, or has to stay late for work. FAKE NEWS. She will lie until she dies. Her kids need to be taken away from her. She does the white, smokes weed and the tv babysits while she screams at her kids and how they are aholes. There under 7…,. She totally DRD guys on the regular. She can be found pretending to manage a store in Bayshore when in reality she’s hooking up with ransoms in the parking lot. She’s the one with the clown floozy makeup that’s always a week old, 2 pairs of spanx ( that are working over time and still not helping her) and in her photos she adds 4 filters to each pix and then edits them to look even skinnier *cough* IT AINT WORKING* She is trash. When she sees this she will think it’s a jealous girl and take it as a compliment. Sl*t you’re trash so you’re getting put on display on the dirty ✌?


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  1. AOctober 19, 2018 at 12:19 PM

    These days it is actually a challenge to spell incorrectly and use improper grammar. Auto correct literally tries to prevent you from showing the world how unintelligent you are but the author of this post still manages to show their stupidity. In that regard, I’m actually impressed. You are undeniably one of the dumbest people out there and actually deserve an award for having not yet been run over by a bus. I feel like that must be an everyday struggle for you.

    The things you say in this post are just showing how catty and insecure YOU are. This woman is a great mother and a kind friend. Stop being jealous. If you have enough time to be writing posts like this you have more than enough time to take an English course.

    K NEXT‍♀️

  2. NoOctober 9, 2018 at 9:06 AM

    You can always tell when an uneducated Hoodrat is trying to cause drama. The complete lack of spelling, grammar, or sentence structure is a dead giveaway.