THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik This girl goes around spreading lies about her friends, people she doesn’t know, just because of her insecurities. What can you expect her daddy was a pedo and mama was a slore. I didn’t wanna be so blunt and tell the exact truth but that’s what it is. So of course he’s not in her life. Aleck Kyras step brother was charged for trafficking 14 year old girls. Kyras mother who was an floozy herself, has her boobs done is full of Botox and not to mention all her kids have different fathers dfkm. THIS IS ALL FACTS NO BULL. Ziyas mother does not want Kyra near the house and said if she ever does come around she’ll call the cops. Kyra even tried to break ziyas bond with his bother by telling him his mom likes black c0ck lol when it’s a complete lie. Just so she could have him all to herself. ZIYA will only call Kyra when he needs to bust a nut. Will fuk her all day then not call her for months. Kyra has issues and needs medication her mother had tried to put Kyra in a program but she refused to attend. Kyra needs help. She gets her cheeks, lips, Botox she’s gross she cakes her face with makeup because she can’t stand to look at her bare ugly face. She gets paid minimum wage and doesn’t even go to school she took all applied courses just to finish and barely did. All Kyra fuks is black guys and Arabs. She doesn’t change her underwear for weeks and you can smell her from outside of her job Arden’s.. She was taking diet pills and accidentally sh1t herself at Sephora it was disgusting. End of the day I feel bad for this girl honestly i mean no wonder she turned out to be a slore look at her damn mother. 3 different baby dads. The daughters all of a sudden a Muslim but smashes bare ngas. I mean what a good role model right? Not to mention Kyras DRD pills that cost 200 a bottle… I mean I’ve slept at the girls house well I couldn’t sleep cause she wouldn’t stfu gossiping about every girl in Ottawa. Everything l that comes out of her mouth is a lie she would even plot her revenge when I was there!!! She will watch a girls snapchat 20+ times and ask if she’s prettier than her a million times. Kyras always been and will always be a no body. A pathetic loser that will always be treated like sh1t. She has no man, no father, no future, no goals, no sanity, and no brain lol. I heard they used to call her stinky back in day. She got beat up at ppl and her pink wig went flying off. She’s greasy and really needs a shower and a GoodLife membership. Girl wipe ur nasty face and learn something new you irrelevant lil girl . Ur dirt and you know it. You got some serious daddy issues. It’s not my fault mine stuck around and urs smashed u and left like ur man did. Xx I guess double chin runs in the family mwahhhhh

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  1. HahahahahahahJune 30, 2018 at 1:01 PM

    Biggest slore in Ottawa like mama like daughter KYRA LOWE

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