THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, my friend age 25 worked for this CREEP Robert Wehbe. Asked her if she would give hand jobs to clients during a massage to make more money. My friend was shocked. She said NO!!!! In the week she worked at OLA SPA, Robert had women coming to see him for sexual massages as he bragged about making them scream and they would beg for mercy to stop. He was jerking them off in the room while there are women getting hair colored in the front by his stylist. The place is a small massage parlor with very young girls, as I seen when I picked my friend up from there when she called to have me pick her up after she was told about the hand jobs to keep her job. The owner looks like a total weirdo. HEAVY WEIGHT that gets women off for a living!!! We contacted another girl from there and she gave his full name and she quit also so we looked him up on FACEBOOK and this is what we found. PHOTO FROM THE 80’s. Looks like a CREEPER!!!


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  1. NoneofyourDecember 18, 2017 at 8:09 AM

    Who ever works here does favours, go look at the website and you will see for yourself all the girls are dressed half naked!!!! Its another form as escorting, you know happy endings!!!