ricardo spence Richie — Lying manipulative cheater and abuser!

ricardo spence Richie — Lying manipulative cheater and abuser!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well Richie is no new news. He’s been in and out of jail and his photo has been posted everywhere in Ottawa. He got out of the bin last year and since then he has been texting and video calling all types of women off Leo’s list and other floozy sites. He used to be a pimp and clearly his love for women doesn’t stop him from leaving them alone. He is married. And he has two girls with one woman and another with his wife. He promises women the world and tries to get them to send him money since he was deported last year. He is abusive and only uses these women for financial gain. He denies everything and anything. He plays two different lives and acts like he is a millionaire. Promises girls the best time of their lives if they go and see him. He swears he’s single but guess wat apparently he’s not! He video tapes the women he chats with and sends them to all his friends. He abused a bunch of women in the past and until now he sweet talks women to send him money and if they don’t he is verbally and mentally abusive! Every word that comes out of that disgusting mans mouth is a lie. Nothing he says I even partially true! Women of Ottawa and around beware he’s a fraud! If he’s talking to you he’s talking to ten other women too!


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  1. Pizza Da HuttNovember 28, 2018 at 6:52 PM

    Only good ni**er is a cotton picking ni**er.

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