Professional Scam Artist – Richard Callender

Professional Scam Artist – Richard Callender

THE DIRTY ARMY:  This website is the PERFECT resource for ex girlfriends to point out the trashiness of ex boyfriends in any city to warn people about the scam artists that just rob homeowners and contractors and the law won’t do anything about it and to point out added dirt like infidelity.. in this case I was sleeping with him and he had 2 other girlfriends that didn’t know about me. Richard Callender owned Honest Roofing in Ottawa and while knowing he was going out of business would hire contractors knowing full well the jobs wouldn’t be completed and had no intention of paying for their services. He’d laugh about it while smoking joints at my house. Facts. He still drives a brand new diesel truck and owes lots of people money. He lives with his pink haired girlfriend and has another girl downtown AT LEAST. Probably more. He definitely sells a LOT of drugs. FACT. As he lives in the ghetto, his businesses failed miserably and wears more gold than an Egyptian emperor. Enjoy Karma sweetheart.

— I can’t remember ever meeting an honest roofer

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  1. KarmaNovember 28, 2018 at 7:15 AM

    I’m sorry for that happening to you . He is also an ex of mine I was with him on and off for 10 years. He def will get karma . Sorry this happened to you !!!