Roch Levac — Cheating Liar

Roch Levac — Cheating Liar

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, so this is my ex boyfriend and we started talking again and talking about getting back together. I’ve recently found out he is still with his current gf who has no idea he is cheating on her. Not only that but he looks to hook up with who ever he can. Roch is NEVER wrong and will put you down if you slightly even try to prove your point. It wouldn’t surprise me if he has an STD. I feel bad for his gf and Hope’s she sees this. He is pathetic and yes i remember now why hes a ex. He probably has a hundred different girls on the go and meeting them off the internet which is his favorite thing to do. He uses people to do things for him.

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  1. CPAugust 7, 2018 at 3:49 PM

    Hi nik,
    Can you please take this down?
    I was fukng drunk and I was pissed at my ex because he wouldn’t leave his gf for me.
    I know, I’m a coward and I fukd up big time.
    I cause sht between him and his gf just to make me happy.
    I know he will always love me not her cause he still wants to be friends with me on fb.
    But I fuked up.