Sarah noland — The fat c*nt

Sarah noland — The fat c*nt

THE DIRTY ARMY: She is a dirty and nasty slore she jumps from guy to guy doesn’t know how to take care of her child when I am at my friend’s house I hear her yell at her child she a fat cvnt only cares about herself and her males she fuks she wants sex all the time so she can get pregnant and get more money for herself dirty cvnt

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  1. ShanJuly 22, 2018 at 3:40 PM

    This is all true. Fat smelly pig that sleeps with any guy bonus if he has a high sperm count. First kid was apprehended by cas cause shes crazy and blames it on people lying to her worker when those people didn’t even know who she was at the time. Second kid should get taken as she does is yell at him to shut up. Seen it myself many times. She dosen’t know how to talk in english, only bitch. Can’t shower, cant cook, cant do anything let alone raise a kid. Tries to get pregnant with any person that will look at her in hopes she can get a higher check or child support but sadly every guy that will get close to her is as equally trashy and broke. Your the worst parent i have ever seen. Do us all a favour and give your poor child to a family that can actually parent and take care of him then go get sterillized and do the rest of the world that favour