Drunk Driving Douche – Steve Hollenkamp

Drunk Driving Douche – Steve Hollenkamp

THE DIRTY ARMY:  This guy can be found living in Almonte and driving absolutely blasted drunk to job sites around Ottawa in his Grey Dodge half ton pick up truck. This website is great not only for pointing out the scum suckers running around being horrible to women but also for showing the city in which these low life’s live, the true trash, risking lives , running scams and never seeming to get caught. Except for the charges selling Pepsi a few years ago which you’ll find in an internet search. Steve Hollenkamp. Search his name and you’ll find his criminal record and rip off reports of his scams in the business world. This guy needs the Dirty Army to bring his name and face to the top of internet searches so people know to keep him away from their houses and contracts. Valley Home services Valley Roofing

— OP 3rd time this month i’ve had to hear about another roofer.  Someone submit a carpet layer next.  


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