Tamara Bahlawan Of Ottawa

Tamara Bahlawan Of Ottawa

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl Tamara Bahlawan thinks she’s a gangster. She ran up to my families house three girls deep to egg my house and wouldn’t link up with me one on one. This girl is not only an escort, but I guess it runs in the family, cause her mommy Kelsie is as well. She lives in the west and all she obsesses about is her crook boyfriend that cheats on her everyday ahaha now he’s loyal cause he’s locked up for years. Left her with a few charges.

You can google this young lady TAMARA BAHLAWAN. SHE WONT LINK UP WITH YOU AND WHEN IT COMES DOWN TO IT SHE CRIES ABOUT HER DIABITIES. This big headed man and her clown mother ARE JOKES. Not to mention this girl needs mental health assistance asap. She’s manipulative. She tells her man she’ll kill herself overtime he wants to dump her wack ass and cries about how pretty the next girl is.

What is wrong with you Canadians? It’s like High School never stops.- nik


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