Jasmine Saruga — Watch Out For Crazy

Jasmine Saruga — Watch Out For Crazy

THE DIRTY ARMY: So men of Edmonton watch out for this nut job bipolar PTSD mom of three and three different baby daddies she loves the Pepsi and is as dirty as the come and she very much enjoys being the victim even when she cause her own problems she will call the cops make up a story and have you arested cause she felt like it she is always on social media and POF looking for clients to sell weed to to get her Pepsi she was 50 – 60 lbs lighter but she took a little time off the nose candy watch out men of Edmonton this is definitely one to stay away from


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  1. RhymyMarch 21, 2019 at 7:45 PM

    This person who posted this took advantage of this girl and tried to live with her and her three kids after coming to visit for a weekend. He lied to her about having a job or being able to pay for things. After she was out about 1600 dollars she kicked this guy to the curb. He can say what he wants but in the end he is just butt hurt about losing a great woman who is family friendly and works 3 jobs to support her kids. Enough is enough. Someone needs to support the people who have been wronged here.

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